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PRC Influencers

Palm Royale Collective - Influencer Program

#1 Dispensary - #1 Influencer Program

1. Apply

2. Post

3. Earn $$$


-Send your contact info and links to social profiles to

-Upon reviewing your application, if you meet our requirements, we will issue you your own coupon code to use in posts and influencer welcome packet. 



-Must have 1,000+ followers on a well-known social platform. 


-Add "@palmroyalecollective" (or similar link) to your profile bio, or "@palmroyalecollective influencer".

-Must make at least one post per week mentioning PRC.

-Must make at least one PRC 'product-review' post per month showing a visual of a product, mentioning it by name, and providing positive remarks.


-$5.00 store credit for every new customer that makes a purchase using your coupon code. For example, if 10 people use your coupon code, you have $50 in store credit at the #1 dispensary in Coachella Valley!

-Featured on our high-traffic website as a 'PRC Executive Influencer' with a link to your profile (you can opt out of this if you'd like).


-Cannot make any derogatory remarks regarding race, gender, sexual orientation or political orientation.

-Cannot mention dispensaries within 20 miles of PRC. 

-Cannot feature cannabis products in posts without mentioning PRC and including coupon code. 

-Influencer status may be terminated at any time by PRC. 

-Program is subject to change at any time by PRC. 

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