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PRC is the community leader in CBD-based pet products. In addition to having the largest selection, we are carry only the most trusted products from the most responsible and transparent organizations. 

CBD Living offers convenient pet capsules containing 25mg of full-spectrum CBD. CBD is infused into organic hemp seed oil to offer maximum therapeutic benefit to your pet.

Best Seller -- CBD Living For Pets

CBD Living Pet Capsules are produced with nanotechnology, making the CBD highly bioavailable and easily absorbable. The convenient capsule allows for error-free dosing. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid and will not alter your pet’s mental status or get them “high.” CBD is non-toxic to animals and there is no risk of an “overdose”. CBD Living’s Pet Capsules also contain hemp seed oil, which is rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber.

PRC Customer Animals

Ginger - Goldendoodle

"Hi my name is Lauren and I've been researching and using CBD products for my beautiful Goldendoodle, Ginger. I choose PRC because, based on my research, they happen to stock the same products I've found to be the safest and most effective for Ginger. I work in the medical field and know--first hand--how dangerous conventional medicines for pets can be.

Thank you PRC for keeping Ginger happy and healthy!!!"

-Lauren C.

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