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Ethan Waters
Feb 06, 2021
In Product Talk
For months, popular California brand Stiiizy (pronounced st-ee-zy) has been absent from Palm Royale Collective’s shelves. Plug ‘n Play (PNP) pods are the common substitute for those seeking Stiiizy vapes in our shop, but many would argue that PNP provides an experience unmatched by their top competitor. As of today, fortunately, Coachella Valley vape enthusiasts have the option to test the waters in both of these products at the top rated dispensary in the desert. PRC released both disposable half grams (LIIIL Stiiizy) and full gram Stiiizy pods in the shop this afternoon. Among the featured strains is King Louis XIII, Stiiizy’s newest flavored release, which rides the back of the newfound popularity of Plug ‘n Play’s Mango Mang strain. But which vape takes the cake — or the vape, rather? There are a few key differences in pod and battery design between these two staple California companies. The chief functional disparity between the two the amount of vapor released, more of which is accessible with PNP. In turn, though, PNP falters aesthetically as they have a bulkier, less conspicuous battery. Additionally, you need not press a button to rip the Stiiizy pod. This leads to a more steady rip that is less prone to burn in opposition to PNP’s battery-driven design. When it comes down to the concentrates themselves, neither holds a significant advantage. Both companies offer live resin and cannabis derived concentrates in addition to their distillate lines and wonderful flavors and terpene profiles in between. At the end of the day, everyone is different and everyone has vastly different opinions on products — especially in the world of cannabis. If I had to elect a winner between the two products, I choose Stiiizy for their sleekness and consistency. But frankly, even I can admit that Plug ‘n Play takes longer, larger rips than its counterpart. But the only way to find out the true winner? Stop by Palm Royale Collective or order delivery and check it out for yourself.

Ethan Waters

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