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relax and enjoy the convenience of PRC's fast and easy delivery!


Unlike other local stores, PRC only uses discreet, unmarked vehicles. Our fleet is always clean and driven in a courteous manner around your neighborhood. 


Our courteous delivery staff is waiting to help you!

I've never done this before, How does delivery work?

1. Place your delivery order online using our menu or weedmaps (delivery hours are 12pm-8pm daily).

2. We inspect, verify and seal your order for freshness and security in an unmarked bag before it leaves the store

3. One of our professional and courteous drivers transports your sealed order, calling you to confirm when they are nearing your location

4. After verifying your drivers license, and handling cash payment (change made on hand), your driver will hand you your order and receipt

What do I need to make a delivery?

After placing your online or phone order, make sure you have a valid state-issued driver's license, and have cash to pay for your order.

How long will it take to get my order?

PRC averaged a delivery time of 23 minutes for orders within 11 miles of the store. However, distance, time of day, traffic, and car turnaround time can contribute to shorter or longer delivery times. 

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